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Modern economies are all about creativity and ambition. To spur and drive this creativity and ambition we should accommodate manufacturing and innovative environments. This is what informed the formation of the Laikipia Innovation Development Program.

The Laikipia Innovation Development Program (LIDP) is a county government initiative launched in in May, 2018 to augment innovations, boost job creation and economic growth in Laikipia County.

The program is currently working with more than 300 startup companies and 22 partners. The start-ups bestride agriculture, manufacturing, ICT and Engineering sectors.

The partners range from academic institutions like DeKUT and Laikipia University to Government agencies like Numerical Machining Complex, regulatory bodies like KIPI, KEBS to private institutions like AMSCO and Gearbox and even donor-funded organizations like Kenya Climate Innovation Centre, among others. The program offers training programs, marketing and exposures, product certifications, product design and development, mentorship, financial access, incubation arrangement, among others.

The 21 partners have been crucial to the program in offering different services to the entrepreneurs.

  1. Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
  2. Numerical Machining Complex (NMC)
  3. Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)
  4. KIPI
  5. KIE
  6. ICDC
  7. KIRDI
  8. Chandaria Innovation Business School
  9. Laikipia County Development Authority
  10. Laikipia Enterprise Fund
  11. Kenya Institute of Management
  12. Laikipia University
  13. DeKUT
  14. ICPAK
  15. AMSCO
  16. Ministry of ICT (Ajira Digital)
  17. Equity Foundation
  18. KCB Foundation
  19. Royal Media Services
  20. Standard Media Group
  21. Muwuarak TTI

Programme Highlights

  • Placement of seven (7) Laikipia products on local supermarket shelves 165 jobs created;
  • 87 direct jobs created and 78 indirect jobs
  • KEBS certification of four (4) products and 13 on-going
  • 2 utility models received and 10 on-going 14 SMEs funded by Laikipia Enterprise Fund to a tune of Kshs. 1,683,000
  • Provision of working space for 5 innovators Incubation arranged for 6 entrepreneurs
  • Training on financial literacy, pitching skills, KEBs sensitization and business skills
  • Development of business plans ongoing


  • DeKUT and Laikipia University are crucial in research and narrowing knowledge gap
  • DeKUT, Gear Box and NMC offer technical support to the engineering cluster at Nyahururu Engineering works. It includes technical training and production of CADs
  • Laikipia University develop business plans for entrepreneurs
  • Kenya Climate Innovation Centre offers advisory services, access to finance support, access to information through trainings, access to office and testing facilities and policy support to incubates
  • ICPAK and AMSCO offers training and SME development services
  • KEBS certify and fast track development of standards for Laikipia products.
  • Royal media services, Standard group crucial in marketing our products and services
  • KIE and ICDC key financers
  • KIPI handholds the acquiring of intellectual property rights