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Creating wealth through the growth of new enterprises by nurturing innovations and talent.

To promote and sustain a conducive industrialization environment that will boost the growth of an exemplary industrial hub that is inclusive, diversified and competitive on a global scale.

About Us
The Laikipia Innovation and Enterprise Development Program (LIDP) is a local initiative set up by the County government of Laikipia in May -2018 to strengthen innovations culture in Laikipia County and promote manufacturing. LIDP is set to become a platform for innovation in the region operating in the area of early-stage entrepreneurship and inclusive innovation. The aim is to create wealth and jobs for the people of Laikipia, grow the Laikipia economy through the creation of an industrial-based economy, promotion of Laikipia products and services globally, and increase incomes and quality of life.
LIDP handholds Laikipia based enterprises with a focus on manufacturing by offering the following services;
1. Product Design & Development
2. Marketing & Exposure
3. Enabling Business Environment
4. Mentorship for Entrepreneurs
5. Strategic Partnerships
6. Financial Access
7. Training & Certification
In addition, the program supports innovators and entrepreneurs producing in other thematic areas such as; creative economy, agriculture, energy, mining, engineering, and indigenous technologies.
The program compliments Laikipia County Governments Public Sector modernization program, where departments and staff work plans have been tailored to assist the businesses to grow in line with the County Results Framework. The program is supported by 174 Business development officers (BDO) at the ward level trained and equipped to provide Business development services to entrepreneurs. The Business development officers are also tasked with continuous scouting of new enterprises to be supported under the program.
The program creates strategic relationships with various partners who contribute to supporting the entrepreneurs in offering an enabling environment, training programs, marketing, exposure, product certifications, financial access, and incubation. These partners include; government agencies, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, academic institutions, and Donor funded organizations among others.
The beneficiaries of the program include;
1. Innovators from different thematic areas
2. Early-stage enterprises such as start-ups and growth companies
3. Students participating in the National congress
4. Institutions of higher learning
5. Institutions of basic learning i.e VTIs, primary schools
6. Community-based organizations and groups

The program is all-inclusive, providing support to all entrepreneurs of all genders, all ages, different ethnic backgrounds and people living with disabilities.