Laikipia: A Bedrock Of Quality Beef Cattle

Livestock production is dominant in most parts of the county with 45.8 percent of households owning livestock. The main livestock types are cattle, goats, sheep, poultry, camels, donkeys, pigs, and rabbits. The estimated livestock population is 72,860 dairy cattle, 221,760 beef cattle 350,888 sheep, and 397,610 goats. Others include poultry, camels, donkeys, rabbits, and bees. Livestock infrastructure comprises 50 holding grounds, stock routes, outspans, two public and two private slaughterhouses, 7 auction yards, and 35 slaughter slabs. Milk processing is done at Nyahururu KCC and Countryside processing plant. There are seven milk-cooling plants run by dairy co-operative and individual groups.


Ranches in the County produce the high-quality beef stock. They also undertake Boran breed embryo transfer for the national and regional markets. There are 32 private ranches, one government ranch, and 13 group ranches. The ranchers and the neighborhood cluster-grazing committees have a functional model allowing vulnerable households to graze in the ranch during drought on agreed monthly fees.