Laikipia's Film and Industry

The creative industry is among the largest contributors of income to the global economy today. Film production has turned into a significant driving force in the creation of employment opportunities. With advances in technology, these opportunities are increasing by the day.

According to a report by KFCB, in Kenya, the film industry is estimated to be having the potential to generate KSh.200 billion annually. Despite this huge revenue output and job creation capacity, most of the opportunities available in the industry are yet to be exploited. Considering the impact this potential could make in transforming the country, it calls for the public and private sectors to create initiatives to facilitate the country to tap into the huge pool of talent, and to inspire enterprise in the creative economy.

Kenya boasts a highly talented youth population, particularly in the arts. These talents need to be pooled together into a national economic force to transform the country by contributing to the national GDP through job creation. In tapping into the creative talent potential of the youth in Laikipia County, job opportunities will be created, the county’s diversity and richness will be seen across the world.

In line with the Laikipia County Governor’s manifesto to create opportunities and develop talent for young people, the Laikipia County Government has created a Film directorate to achieve the following objectives;

  • Document Laikipia County – The people, culture & diversity, economic activities & administration. By so doing, investors will be attracted to the many opportunities that the county has to offer. Showcase Laikipia as an ideal destination for film production.
  • Capacity Building – In collaboration with the Kenya Film Commission, hold quarterly capacity building sessions for film professionals, primary and secondary schools, drama clubs in schools.
  • Masterclasses – filmmaking classes offered by professionals from Kenya and across the world.
  • Workshops – on production, scriptwriting, directing, content distribution, film policy to train upcoming filmmakers on the essential skills to have in this sector.
  • Hold Film Nights for Kenyan content/films – Films produced within the country will be showcased at monthly screenings in various locations within the county
  • Film festival/Cultural Expo – A yearly event that allows young filmmakers and artists to pitch their ideas and possibly attract potential partners to co-produce their content.
  • Collaborations with various companies such as Cannon, Nikon, locations (hotels) – for filming equipment and locations
  • Funding – facilitate fundraising for content production
  • Create art and cultural Centre where Art exhibitions and various cultural events can be held
  • Government involvement – funding, locations, school mentorship, waiver on filming taxation, and licensing.

Filmmakers are highly welcome to Laikipia with zero taxation.