The mining sector has been identified as an unexploited potential of Laikipia County. Some baseline studies have been carried out by the Department of Water, Environment, and Natural Resources together with LCDA The survey mainly targeted at the minerals, rock deposits, and gemstones to determine their location, chemical composition, spatial extent, and their economic significance. The Ministry of Petroleum and Mining is conducting a nationwide exploration of what is available in the country. In this respect, the ministry will join hands with the Laikipia county government and provide them with a complementary team of geologists, resource evaluation, and other cadres of key personnel. In addition, the government will set up mega auxiliary manufacturing industries in Laikipia County where deposits of the 16 minerals were discovered.

The Laikipia mineral report 2020 revealed deposits of several mineral ores that have been identified mainly in the Laikipia North sub-county. These minerals include iron ore, marble, kaolin, sepiolite, bentonite, bauxite, garnets, graphites, sillimanite, quartzite, mica, vermiculite, granite, phonolite, basalts, sand, gravel, and clay.