Live In Laikipia

The settlement patterns in the county are uneven as they are influenced by varying land potential, livelihood zones, infrastructure access, land use system, and availability of social amenities. Laikipia North constituency is arid and semi-arid in nature and therefore the least populated arising from wildlife ranches and pastoral livelihood patterns. Laikipia West and Laikipia East have the highest population densities attributed to medium towns namely Nyahururu and Nanyuki. These towns are the commercial, administrative and transportation hubs of the county.
The county has over the past decade witnessed rapid urbanization due to the emergence of many horticultural farms, new tourist attraction sites, rural-urban migration and migration from neighboring counties, commercial ranching, and setting up of military bases including the British Training Unit in Kenya (BATUK). The preference of settling in urban centers underlines the need to have organized, better-managed, and people-friendly urban centers.